Feeding support from an iBCLC

Facing challenges such as getting baby to latch or pain with feeds? Struggling with low milk supply, or oversupply? Is your baby extremely fussy? Need guidance on pumping, bottle or formula feeding? Looking for reassurance that all is going okay? Book a Consult with me and we can navigate it together! 



This includes a prenatal consult, and 5+ additional consultations as needed throughout your breastfeeding journey with no additional charges! Submit your insurance info here, to verify if your insurance approves. Those who are denied will be offered a self pay discount.

In Home

This 60-90 min Consultation includes:

  • Review of health history
  • Discussion of questions and concerns
  • Assessment of parent and child including a functional oral assessment of your baby
  • Weight check and Pre/post weight feeding if applicable
  • Observation of a feeding
  • Customized care plan
  • Comprehensive eBooks 
  • 7 days of follow-up email support

Virtual Support

This 60min consult includes: 

  • Review of health history
  • Discussion of questions and concerns
  • Assessment of parent and child 
  • Observation of a feeding
  • Customized Care Plan
  • Comprehensive eBooks
  • 7 days of follow-up email support

formula feeding:

I am here to support you no matter how you feed your baby!

Frequently Asked Questions

IBCLC stands for International Board Certified Lactation Consultant. This is the highest accredited healthcare profession specializing in lactation. Unfortunately anyone can call themselves a lactation consultant, so it is important to ask for credentials. 

They have completed the rigorous training required to become internationally recognized lactation experts. This includes training for 2-5+ years, and  completing 90 hours of lactation-specific education plus health science courses and  have a range of 300-1,000 hands-on clinical experience as well as the requirement to maintain/renew their credentials per the IBLCE.

Other lactations roles are also valuable and needed, but are meant to be peer support vs. clinical. An IBCLC is an invaluable role on the healthcare team for a breastfeeding dyad and are there to give you the personalized, expert care you deserve.

YES! I have taken many continuing education courses on supporting the breastfeeding dyad through pre & post frenectomy as well as navigated this myself with both of my boys!  It still remains a controversial subject that we need more research on. One thing is true is that it is not as simple as getting a frenectomy, it is more complex. If you are concerned about the possibility of a tongue tie, I highly recommend reaching out and scheduling a consult so you can make sure you are making informed choices on your  journey and setting yourself up for success.

EVERYONE—or at least everyone who plans to breastfeed their baby! While feeding your baby is natural, it’s certainly not always easy. An IBCLC helps you navigate and understand the process of breastfeeding and navigate any feeding challenges with the goal of making you feel comfortable and confident in meeting your individual feeding goals. I highly recommend connecting with an IBCLC prenatally to have as a resource throughout your everchanging feeding journey.

The Lactation Network, “TLN”, is a durable medical supplier who provides billing services for Lactation Consultants. Lactation Consultants contracted with TLN are currently able to accept Blue Cross Blue Shield PPOAnthem PPOCigna PPO, Unicare PPO, Humana PPO and some United PPO, as well as all PPO subsidiaries of these plans, and also any card from any carrier with a PNOA or Multiplan logo on the back. 

Apply for coverage HERE

This is totally okay! As a Maternal Child Health RN & IBCLC I support whatever choice you feel is best for you and your family. I am very knowledgeable about formula and bottle feeding and have helped families navigate this for years. 

YOU are welcome here!

1:1 Virtual

I offer educational programming for new parents at every feeding stage.  Click here to view my class schedule.  Interested in a booking a one-on-one session? Click below to get started. 

During this 60 minute workshop I will provide you with evidence-informed breastfeeding information and tips, which will leave you feeling confident and excited to get started. Topics covered include:

  • Hand expression
  • Latching and positioning
  • How to avoid sore nipples
  • What to do if your infant won’t breastfeed
  • How long to breastfeed on each side
  • Pumping in the postpartum period
  • Pacifiers and bottles

Also included is an extensive breastfeeding eBook.

There are many ways to feed your infant, and I will teach you about all of them.  Topics covered during this 60 minute workshop include:

  • Responsive feeding techniques
  • Exclusive breastfeeding with supplementation
  • Combination feeding 
  • Exclusive pumping
  • How to build a freezer stash of expressed breast milk
  • Tips on how to return to work
  • How and when to introduce a bottle
  • Formula: how to know what to choose and how much to give
  • Breast pumps: what equipment do you need
  • And more!

Also included is an extensive companion eBook.

Ready to start solids but not sure where to start?  This can be so overwhelming, and I can make it easier.  Join me for a one hour workshop where I will cover:

  • Signs of readiness
  • Gear you need for starting
  • Baby-led weaning (BLW) vs. purees vs. combination of the two
  • Responsive feeding
  • How to introduce allergens and recognize an allergy
  • How do you incorporate milk?

The workshop includes a comprehensive Starting Solids eBook.