Prenatal Class

Are you preparing for your new baby’s arrival? Maybe you have what feels like a million questions and would like a prenatal class tailored to your needs. This live class is provided by an experienced L&D Nurse and will help you feel more confident and prepared for your transition to parenthood.

You will learn: signs of labor, what to expect, coping strategies, tips for partners, and pain control options. We will also review vaginal and cesarean births, the immediate postpartum period, feeding and newborn care, and so much more.

This typically runs 3-4 hours long and includes email support until your baby arrives and a thorough E-book for reference. Avoid Dr. Google and get all your questions answered from a reliable source.

*A Superbill can be provided at your request to seek insurance reimbursement.

prenatal Lactation Consultation

This 60 minute consult is used to develop a trusting relationship before your baby arrives. I will assess your health history and any feeding risk factors, review breastfeeding education and the initial postpartum period, ensure you’re comfortable with your pump and have the proper flange size, & answer any questions you may have in regards to feeding. This is also a great opportunity to review previous feeding challenges and your feeding goals. Feeding E-Books provided as resources.

*Often covered 100% by insurance, please visit the feeding page for more info on insurance coverage.

When booking, please select the date you would like your prenatal class. Your subsequent visits will be scheduled after your delivery.

Total Support

This package includes:

  • Private prenatal class (3-4 hour session)
  • Unlimited email support until your baby arrives, and for 8 weeks after.
  • Two 60-90min postpartum visits; the first in the early postpartum period, the second around 6 weeks postpartum (earlier if needed).
  • Sleep Assessment & Custimized Plan within first year of birth.
  • Extensive eBooks on pregnancy, birth, & postpartum, feeding, and newborns.
*May be partially reimbursed by insurance. Send me a message here.

Adoption Support Package

This package includes:

  • Private Newborn workshop 
  • Email support until the arrival of your baby, and for 8 weeks after.
  • Visit within first 2 weeks to ensure feeding is going well and to review soothing techniques.
  • 6 Week visit to review any questions or concerns.
  • Sleep Assessment & Custimized Plan within first year of birth.
  • Extensive Feeding & Newborn Care EBooks for reference.

When booking, please select the date you would like your prenatal class. Your subsequent visits will be scheduled after your delivery.

Frequently Asked Questions

Sometime in the 3rd Trimester. Typically around 28-32 weeks is best, but really whenever you would like!

LactationAny breastfeeding consultation is covered 100% if you have the following insurances: Blue Cross PPO, Blue Shield PPO, Anthem PPO, Cigna PPO, Humana PPO and all insurance plans with a PNOA or Multiplan Logo. This includes a prenatal consult, and 5+ additional consultations as needed throughout your feeding journey. Sumbit visit request here.

Support for breastfeeding is a federal law under The Affordable Care Act, so I highly recommend seeking reimbursement if you have a different insurance carrier. A suberbill can be provided to you at your request.  

I offer a 20% discount to families who are on NH Medicaid.

 Sleep: A feeding assessment is provided for all of my sleep consultations so if you are breastfeeding/pumping exclusively or in combination with formula you can save a portion of the fee if your insurance is accepted via my insurance verification link. See current approved insurances above.

Prenatal Education: classes may also be reimburseable by insurance, so I can provide a superbill at your request.

You can pay for any of my services with Afterpay payment plan, HSA/FSA’s, and hopefully more insurance coverage will be available in the future.

Yes.  As a Registered Nurse, I have years of training on where to access credible guidelines and information. All of The Mama Coach programming is based on extensive research from credible sources and updated as guidelines change from new evidence and recommendations.

Good question!  I realize that the name “Mama Coach” can give the impression that I only serve moms, but I am committed to serving ALL families whatever they may look like. I recognize that each family is unique and will continue to ensure it is clear that everyone is welcome here.  I specifically created an Adoption Support package as well in hopes to serve more families in this transition. 

Looking for a specific Class?

I also offer comprehensive hour long workshops, including education on breastfeeding, bottle feeding, pumping and starting solids. Choose a class with a more tailored topic to fit you needs.